Author- Conrad Botha Head of Early Years at Wellington College India.

This is an exciting time for the Wellington International family as we open our first school in India and the city of Pune.

Conrad Botha, Head of Early Years explains how wellbeing and involvement are considered the key elements of all aspects of this founding team.

“At Wellington College International Pune we believe that a happy, involved child is one who can experience the world at its fullest, and high levels of involvement coupled with high levels of wellbeing is the perfect recipe for deep learning and development.” WCIP EY Curriculum, 2023

For us, play is seen as the perfect state for children to exhibit the Characteristics of Effective Learning, as it is often during play that children have their highest levels of Wellbeing and Involvement, or what is sometimes referred to as the ‘flow state’; the feeling of being intensely focussed and almost losing the sense of time passing by because they are so absorbed in what they are doing. In recent months we have seen the development and implementation of the NCF (National Curriculum Framework for Foundational Stage, 2022) across early years settings in India, making available evidence from global best practices placing play at the core of curricula, pedagogy, time and content rhythms, and the overall experience of the child.

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