These spaces include natural dens, outdoor play kitchens, apparatuses, balance equipment, and large block play. There are also designated areas for outdoor music, bikes, vegetable gardens, and open spaces with an abundance of heuristic type materials.

The potential is endless for symbolic play, physical challenges, or to foster marvellous episodes of child-initiated play and reflects our commitment to creating inspired, individual, and independent learners. Our outdoor spaces are designed to offer huge potential to foster children’s Characteristics of Effective Learning in nature and surroundings. Developing an awareness of nature and the natural world helps children to understand the importance of caring for plants, animals, and other creatures key to personal and social development as well as to Understanding the World.

Outdoor learning lets pupils run, climb, and explore in ways that are not always possible in their everyday lives. Teaching and learning actively outdoors helps them to develop a strong sense of independence, physical strength, and a sensitivity to their surroundings.

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