Pupils are actively and regularly encouraged to communicate openly with their teachers and House Tutors as they tackle the often challenging and thorny issues of growing up. We look to address key issues head-on, through talks, workshops, tutorials and informal discussion to provide our pupils with all the information they need to make well-informed decisions.

“Underpinning everything we do at Wellington are our five College values: kindness, courage, integrity, responsibility and respect. This enables everyone in the community to understand how we interact in a positive, meaningful, respectful and empathetic way.”
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Parents will be encouraged to attend our weekly Parent Information Sessions, which cover many areas associated with the pastoral and academic life of the school and aim to close the loop between school and home.


In the Junior School, whilst all teachers may be important to a student, it is the Class Teacher who takes the key role in overseeing the wellbeing of each child. In Seniors, the key place where pastoral care is overseen and delivered is the House, where we look to create the sense of ‘a home at school’.

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