Wellington College International Pune are delighted to continue their partnership with the prestigious Poona Golf Club. In the Monthly Medal Round, on Thursday 20th April, WCI Pune were proud to sponsor the event and enjoy some thrilling competitive play. Following the completion of the rounds, Dr Tod (Founding Master of Wellington) commended the energy and enthusiasm of all the players. He illustrated the high expectations and quality educational provision associated with a Wellington school, whilst drawing upon both the global heritage of the name and the pioneering approach of the schools. Furthermore, as befits Wellington UK's status as one of the leading golfing schools in England, Dr Tod highlighted the exceptional facilities WCI Pune will be offering on their 10-acre site, as the school opens in September 2023. The excellent event concluded with the MMR winners and runners-up receiving their trophies from Dr Tod - Wellington College looks to forge even stronger links with the Poona Golf Club in the future, enhancing the school's relationship with the Pune community and providing exceptional opportunities for pupils to learn the wonderful game of golf!

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