Early Years pupils recently embarked on a delightful culinary journey. Inspired by our pupil and his parent Mrs Jane Borde's weekend trip to Panchgani and the renowned Mapro Garden, they invited her to lead a jam-making masterclass.

Cooking Magic: Under Mrs. Borde’s guidance, they measured, mixed, and stirred the ingredients on the induction stove. As the fragrant mixture bubbled and thickened, anticipation filled the room.

Connecting with Nature: Observing each step, the children gained insight into the origins of their ingredients. The process fostered a deeper connection to nature—a lesson beyond the kitchen.

Life Skills Unleashed: From chopping to kneading, rolling to measuring, these budding chefs learned essential life skills. Cooking isn’t just about flavours; it’s about empowerment and decision-making.

The Sweet Reward: Finally, their patience paid off—a burst of fruity goodness, was ready!

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