Our Year 1 and 2 pupils had an insightful expert Art session on 29th February with Mr Allan McKeown, our Junior and Senior School Art Teacher. They've been enquiring into the world of famous artists like Van Gogh and Da Vinci, and their recent focus on self-portraits has been incredibly inspiring.

During the session, Mr McKeown shared the techniques used in self-portraits, discussing the elements that make them unique and engaging. The children also had the chance to explore different types of charcoal and learnt key vocabulary related to art like ‘Willow Charcoal’ and ‘Compressed Charcoal’.

Engaging an expert in enquiry-based learning can greatly enrich students' experiences by providing real-world insights and deepening their understanding of the subject matter.

"Art is the universal language of mankind, speaking to hearts and souls across time and space. In the spirit of Friedrich Froebel, let us nurture creativity and imagination in every child."

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